Rohini Mohan

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Deep in southern India, over 60 young women who grew up believing they were orphans discover the families they were taken away from. Read more here.

​​Not without our daughters

Treating pellet injuries in the biggest mass blinding in the world, doctors bear witness to the unrest in Kashmir. Read more here.

​​Doctors bear witness

Winner of

The Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize and Tata Literature Live! First Book Award (Nonfiction)

"An astonishing feat of reportage"
NPR Best Books of 2014

"Poetic... thoroughly absorbing"

The Economist

"Intense & powerful... a must-read"

The Mint

Rohini Mohan is a journalist writing on politics and human rights in South Asia. Her award-winning book, The Seasons of Trouble (2014) is a nonfiction account of three people living in postwar Sri Lanka. She is based in Bangalore, India.