Inside India's sham trials for citizenship

VICE News, July 2019


​​A data-based investigation on the arbitrary process to determine Indian citizenship in Assam. Bengali speakers, particularly Muslims, are forced to scramble for proof by producing documentary evidence few possess. 


Sacred Mission ​

Time,January 2019

A profile of two women who became the first to enter the Sabarimala temple since the Supreme Court revoked a longstanding ban preventing women of reproductive age from entering. 

Statelessness of the most marginalised 

HuffPost, August 2018

As a massive citizenship registry is underway in Assam, lakhs of the most marginalised women living in river island of the Brahmaputra risk becoming stateless - because they don't have paperwork.

Coorg's Bitter Brew (Video)

The NewsminuteJanuary 2018

Bonded labour persists in some of India's biggest coffee estates. As full-time workers leave bondedness, there is a new influx of vulnerable migrant workers.​ 

The price of a dream city (Video)
The Newsminute, December 2017

What does it mean for farmers of 29 villages to 'voluntarily' give their fertile lands to a city? And will the metropolitan dreams have space for the original residents? A video story on the dynamics of the voluntary land pooling model pioneered to build Amaravati, the capital of the newly divided state of Andhra Pradesh. Over 1 million views in a week! 

​​** Not Without Our Daughters 

The Hindu Sunday Magazine, March 2017

Over 60 young women in Trichy who grew up believing they were orphans discover the families they were taken away from. 

The Lady Vanquishes

Open, October 2016

Book review of Amma, by Vaasanthi, a biography of Tamil Nadu leader Jayalalithaa.

Key factors that gave Jayalalithaa her historic win in Tamil Nadu

The Wire, May 2016

The AIADMK comes to power on the strength of its traditional voter base

India's climate change promises dissonant with policies

The Economic Times, October 2015

Globally, India has pledged to cut 33-35% of its carbon intensity by 2030, but domestic strategy is to continue high-emission growth.

The Discontent of Hardik Patel

The Economic Times, August 2015

Why is the biggest reservation drama in India today led by a 22-year-old? Also, a revealing  interview.

An ice-box, a live heart, and the man who drove and drove
Yahoo! Originals,
July 2014
Chennai's traffic came to a standstill to allow a donor heart to reach a dying young woman for an urgent transplant. From hospital to hospital, a 45-min ride done in 13. As families, doctors and cops waited with bated breath, this is what happened.

Government Vs NGOs

The Economic Times, July 2015

How the law to prevent misuse of foreign funds is restricting human rights work in India

Seized Earth Campaign
Foreign Policy, May 2015
The Indian government is poised to add another chapter to the ugly saga of land acquisition in India

**Sri Lanka's Violent Buddhists

The New York Times, Jan 2015

An op-ed on increasing Buddhist chauvinism in Sri Lanka and its effect on the historic presidential election

Why Do they Protest When It's for their Own Good?

Yahoo Originals, Feb 2015

Across India, millions are dissenting against the Indian government’s push to remove checks and balances for acquiring land. Are the protestors ignorant?

**Troubled waters

Al Jazeera America, Dec 2014

Floods and poverty fuel rising teen marriages in the northeastern state of Assam, India

The roots of the Assam border dispute  
​Al Jazeera America, Aug 2014
Rivalry between two Indian states, Assam and Nagaland, flares as armed tribal groups clash. 

​Tehelka, Nov 2011
On the impending crisis by the sea: how energy corridors, SEZs and tourism plunder our coasts. This article, the first in a 3-part series, won the 2012 Mumbai Press Club Award for reporting on Health and Environment, and was a finalist in the 2012 Osborn Awards, London. 

​Tehelka, Dec 2010
After a promising start in social enterprise, the microfinance industry in Andhra Pradesh turned political and profit-oriented, swallowing the poor women borrowers it once served.


Rohini Mohan

Lost worlds: Almost 200 villages disappear for a dam

The Hindu, October 2019


​​As the Prime Minister celebrates his birthday at the full reservoir of the Sardar Sarovar dam, thousands of people are displaced by the rising river water, and without full rehabilitation even after 56 years, have nowhere to go.   

India's farmers on the march

New York Review of Books, December 2018

As millions arrive arrive in New Delhi for a massive protest, I report, while artist Molly Crabapple draws the India's farmers on the front lines of the fight against climate change.  

**Template for Hate 

​​Harper's, September 2018

Three years after a mob killed Mohammed Akhlaq alleging he ate beef, I go back to his family and villagers involved to unravel the template for hate perfected in Dadri, and flourishing in the close to 100 lynchings that have come after. (Shortlisted for The True Story Award, Switzerland.)

​​Inside the Foreigners Tribunals in Assam 
HuffPost, August 2018

​Foreigners Tribunals in the state of Assam declare thousands of poor illiterate people as foreigners over spelling mistakes. This story gets rare access to tribunal trials, and sees absurd justice being delivered.  

The value of rice at one rupee 

The Hindu, March 2018

The government’s pilot Direct Benefit Transfer project has come to mean wasted hours at the bank, missed work days and mounting expenses for  residents of Nagri in central India.

"Imagine No Country Wants You"

The Wire, February 2018

India’s desire to expel the persecuted Rohingya is motivated by an insidious combination of security paranoia, nationalist politics and, some say, economic interests in Myanmar.

​​Series on garment workers in Bengaluru, April-June 2017

Over 90% workers in the Bengaluru garment export hub are women. A four-part series on huge amounts of unpaid dues, battles over minimum wages, move from urban to rural migrant workers, and sexual harassment.​

** ​India's crackdown on civil society

The New York Times, January 2017

The BJP government is using a Cold War era law to go after NGO money. Activists that have questioned the State are being specifically targeted.​

Aripanthan: A Symbol of Today's Kashmir
The Wire, September 2016
As India focuses on Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, it must understand the worrying ideas of militancy among the brutalised youth in the region.

**In Kashmir, doctors bear witness
The Wire, September 2016
Treating pellet injuries in the biggest mass blinding in the world, doctors bear witness to the unrest in Kashmir.

**Jeans, 'Love Drama' and the Electoral Spoils of Tamil Nadu's Caste Wars
The Wire, May 2016
What happens when political parties in Tamil Nadu demonise inter-caste couples for falling in love, and why hate wins votes

Indian migrants in Saudi Arabia

The Economic Times, November 2015

As Indian migrants slave in the Gulf countries, the Indian government is stuck choosing between workers' rights and remittances

**The good doctor goes to the market

The Economic Times, September 2015

What it means for healthcare when Dr. Devi Shetty, founder of India's largest low-cost hospital chain, goes for a public issue

Sweet drought

The Economic Times, June 2015

About 4% of farmed land in Maharashtra is under sugarcane, but it consumes 71.5% of irrigated water, including wells. Here's how sugarcane production has worsened drought in Maharashtra

Soft-boiled Science

The Economic Times, June 2015

Madhya Pradesh bans eggs at school meals, once again pitting nutrition politics against science

Crop insurance during a hailstorm

The Economic Times, April 2015

As unseasonal rain causes crop failure in 14 states in India, a look at why crop insurance is not keeping up

**War on the Environment

Al Jazeera America, April 2015

Since just a year of coming to power, the Indian prime minister has rapidly diluted ecological protections in the name of economic development

Fishing for shrimp but netting jail time

Al Jazeera America, Sept 2014

A depleted marine population in Indian waters forces fishermen from the southern state of Tamil Nadu to illegally ply their trade in Sri Lanka, risking arrest and worse.

The Caravan, Feb 2012
Two Tamils pick up the pieces after the last war in Sri Lanka. This piece won the 2013 ICRC Award for best article on humanitarian conflicts.

Fox News,Sept 2013
More survivors in India report rape, and for the first time, shame shifts away from the woman.

**K Klutch Klan
Tehelka, Mar 2011
Friendship. Feuds. Betrayal. Mammoth corruption. Tamil Nadu chief minister Karunanidhi started out as the Dravidian idealist with the silver tongue. This is the breathless story of how his family led him astray. And turned Tamil Nadu into a family estate. 

The hungry voter
Tehelka, May 2009
A report on starvation deaths in Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Manipur.

**The lives of others
Tehelka, Oct 2008
Surrogacy is now India’s most lucrative fertility procedure, but is also a moral and legal minefield